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Richt names a #1 at RB

August 22, 2009

Georgia fans probably would have guessed this after the results of the past 2 scrimmages of fall practice, but for the first time yesterday, Coach Richt said Samuel was “a solid #1 right now.”

Allow me to put my excitement about Samuel on hold for a minute and reflect on Caleb King’s inability to grab the top spot. Obviously we have to give Caleb a bit of a break, because he has had a hamstring strain over the past week, but even prior to that, it was Thomas and Samuel getting the praise, and not much was said about King. Really, not much has been said about King since 2006, when he was a Senior at GACS. How is it that the guy who was once hailed by some as “the next Herschel Walker” (we hear that way too much) after two years at Georgia cannot beat out younger, less experienced players for the #1 spot at tailback?

Obvious answer: Richard Samuel is just that awesome. The 6’2″ 218 lb. bruiser from Cartersville had a lot of us optimistic about his potential last year, but then drew a facepalm or two because of his ball control issues. But from the sound of things, those problems have all but been vanquished, as Samuel has drawn praise from both coaches and teammates in recent days. The latest bit of praise from Richt:

He’s playing with a lot of energy, he seems to be a very good stamina guy. Even in these hot practices, he keeps going, and he goes hard. I hope he’s a guy that as the game goes on, he’ll get stronger. … He definitely wants to block physically. He wants to get the job done. He’s confident he knows how to get the job done.

Of course he’s confident he can get the job done… he knows where the OSU Cowboys rank defensively (buurnnnnn!).

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