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Herbstreit “previews” the SEC

August 23, 2009

And I put “previews” in quotation marks to note my sarcasm, as this isn’t as much a preview of the SEC as it is a quickie in the back room with the Gators.

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I respect everyone’s right to an opinion, but this isn’t an opinion, it’s pure reheated garbage. First off, does this talk of Florida remind you of anyone? It should (hint: they’re garnet and gold, named after condoms and were crowned as the greatest dynasty in college football just about 3 years ago). I’m not fully convinced that in an effort to save time, ESPN didn’t just dig up old scripts from their 2004 and 2005 programs and replace the words “USC Trojans,” “Pete Carroll” and “Matt Leinart,” with “Florida Gators,” “Urban Meyer,” and “Tim Tebow.” Am I wrong in thinking that? Because this is the exact same kind of talk we heard then.

Furthermore, I honestly don’t believe how an honest opinion would so blatantly disregard the obvious. Note the first 30 seconds of the video in question. The “I just don’t see anywhere this team could slip up” comment in particular. With all due respect Herby, you are either a tool, or have a very short memory (and the thought that you might be both has crossed my mind).

Apologies for the crappy quality, but you get my point. Bottom line is: Florida was a better team than Ole Miss, they played them in the swamp, and they lost. Why? Because this is the SEC, and if you make mistakes, the competition will make you pay.

But, this little point is negated by the fact that there is nobody in the SEC that can even stay on the field with Florida.

The same people who buy that are the same people who think you can have government healthcare and not see your taxes hiked up.

Florida might be the best team in the SEC going into the season. But they are not so good that they are above making mistakes and losing games in the toughest conference in America.

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