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Zeier tells you all you need to know about 2009

August 31, 2009

I’ve got to hand it to Eric Zeier, not only is he one of the greatest QB’s to play for the red and black, but he’s a damned fine writer too. Zeier posted his preview of the 2009 Bulldogs squad over at the new, and there is an abundance of good stuff in it. My personal favorite excerpt:

Offensive football is won up front in the trenches. Period. While we all want to talk about great throws, great catches, and running backs effortlessly leaping over helpless defensive backs, offensive football is won up front with the men in the trenches. Trinton Sturdivant (6-5, 306), Chris Davis (6-4, 290), Ben Jones (6-3, 294), Cordy Glenn (6-5, 330), and Clint Boling (6-5, 297) will likely make up the starting front five for the Bulldogs and have a combined 85 starts between them. The Dawgs are talented and deep at the most important positions on the offensive side of the ball, and this is where it counts. Great offensive lines allow talent to shine through.

Well put, Eric. Read the full article folks, it’s full of good stuff to keep you optimistic about Saturday.

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