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Georgia offense underrated?

September 22, 2009
After the much-hyped trip to Stillwater in which Georgia’s offense struggled against a team not known for their defense, many people believed, with good reason, that the Dawgs might struggle offensively in 2009. However it seems to be being ignored how the Georgia offense has improved since opening day.

Against South Carolina, a very good defensive team, Georgia’s offense scored 34 points on 308 yards in a game where most were expecting a less than 14 points total to be scored. It should be noted that the only team to score more than 34 points against the Gamecocks in 2008 was Florida.

Against Arkansas, Georgia racked up 52 points on 530 yards of offense. Arkansas is not good defensively, but it should be noted that the only team to score 52 points on the Hogs last year, were the Texas Longhorns, who scored 52 on 420 yards of offense (but only 45 pts were scored by the UT offense, one TD was a pick 6). So Georgia’s offense racked up more total yards, and scored more TD’s, than any team did to the Hogs in 2008, including the Florida Gators, whose offensive firepower last year was considered the best in the country.

Despite being regarded as an average QB whose role is that of a game manager more than anything, QB Joe Cox currently ranks 12th in the nation in passer rating. Only Ryan Mallet and Tim Tebow rank higher within the SEC. Joe Cox is tied for 4th in the nation in passing TD’s as well.

After the loss at OK State, Georgia’s coaches were quoted as saying that they believed there were multiple plays where they were very close to breaking out one of those explosive plays that would have been game-changing, but they were just one block short most of the time. Perhaps they were more right in that assessment than anyone could imagine. Judging by UGA’s last two offensive performances, one could say that they are now finishing their blocks.

So, is Georgia the beneficiary of bad defense, or is the offense more powerful than it’s being given credit for? Many believed prior to the beginning of the season that UGA’s veteran O-line might make the offense a fairly good unit. After 3 weeks of play against 3 legitimate opponents, it’s beginning to look like the Dawgs offense may have been written off too early, and they may have yet to show the best to come.

Sidenote: Sorry I haven’t updated in a week, the USC game was so emotionally draining that it took that long to recover.

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