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Dissenting opinion

September 24, 2009

I suppose I’m one of the few bloggers who was actually disappointed by the decision to extend the WLOCP’s contract with Jacksonville. I know, I know… “it’s tradition,” and furthermore, we can’t let the Gators run us out of there, can we?

Pardon my insensitivity, but who gives a flying **** if the Gator fans protest if we move it? If you’ve been a Dawg fan anytime in the past 20 years, you should have learned by now to not let what Gator fans say get to you.

Furthermore, I don’t get the “tradition” argument. It used to be tradition to run the single-wing. It used to be tradition to not use the forward pass. It used to be tradition to wear leather helmets. You get my drift. Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time, does not mean it cannot be changed for the better.

Those who agree with keeping it in Jacksonville are usually less concerned about it staying in Jacksonville as they are with still being able to get trashed at the landing. You can get trashed anywhere. I know, I used to do it in fields in the middle of nowhere with crowds of people and a bonfire. The experience is the same. Others like going to St. Simons or Jekyll Island on their trip. Great, I love those places too. You don’t need the GA-FL game as an excuse to visit. I’ve never heard one person say “I want it to stay in Jacksonville because the city is nice.” Mainly because it’s not. Which is why the majority of dawg fans do not stay in Jacksonville for the game.

Additionally, it is not debatable that, at least alternating locations, would make it more feasible for some Georgia fans to make the trip. Regardless of what your opinion of Jacksonville, you can’t argue that the cost of making the trip is a substantial amount for most people. I know, I know… it works out great for the fans in South Georgia who can’t make the trip to Athens. Well, the WLOCP is our biggest game of the year, every year, and there are a lot of folks up in North GA or SC, NC, VA, etc… who can never make the trip.

So far, I’ve only even talked about the fans. We haven’t even discussed the actual TEAM (aka the guys we go to watch). Many dawg fans selfishly argue to keep the game in Jacksonville so they can play golf at ponte vedra and get drunk at the landing, while our team travels hundreds of miles farther than the Gators do each year. Steve Spurrier himself said that the location gave the Gators an advantage because it was like a home game for them, why do Georgia fans argue that it isn’t? Let’s think about the team, and give them the benefit of being able to make a bus ride to the neutral site once every other year, and let the Gators experience having to make a plane ride (something that they rarely EVER do with the way they schedule).

The arguments for keeping it in Jacksonville are very thin. Ultimately, they all rest on “tradition,” or saving face and not running away from a fight. But who is caving, really? Those who want it to move for legitimate reasons? Or those who are worried about people would say if we moved it?

All of this is just hot air really, the deal is done and we will be staying in Jacksonville for the near future. I just hope that eventually we can get enough people to start thinking reasonably to where the next time this decision time rolls around, we might give alternating locations more serious consideration. Or even *gasp* a home and home.

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  1. big dawg 89 permalink
    September 24, 2009 10:16 pm

    liked the post. i’ll give you one other reason to move it, loss of revenue. look at our schedule year in and year out, it seems that we usually have only 6 true home games. how many people does the stadium in jax hold, 75k, divided by two. well, 92k i would think would generate alot more dollars for UGA.. have you seen UF OR UT’s schedule, 8 homes games every year somehow.. i know we have a good,uh-hum, great road record, but 8 home games would be nice to me…

    and yes, i do know that the city of jax does give money to each school for coming there, but i doubt it amounts to the cash that could be made in athens…if someone knows the figures, i’d like to see em… GO DAWGS….UGA-41 ASU-17….

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