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Lost somewhere in the bottom of a bottle

October 13, 2009

I don’t have anything for you this week. What am I going to say that you don’t already feel or haven’t read somewhere else? We suck. No getting around that right now. And here’s what’s worse: the worse is probably yet to come. If you think the beatdown at the hands of UT was bad, wait until Jacksonville.

Nightmare scenario: Tim Tebow rushes for a TD in the 2nd quarter, giving UF a 24-0 lead en route to a 63-7 rout, and simultaneously breaks Herschel Walker’s career rushing TD record. Take THAT, mutts. Walker, disgusted at what we’ve allowed the freaking Gators to do, will walk out on the field before halftime and slap Willie Martinez in the face, while Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist make remarks about just how badly the Dawgs suck. Gary…..Danielson.

Do you see how badly this could go? I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here, but my optimism has just about reached it’s amazing vertical limit. Forget about what Bowl game we’re going to end up in, right now we’ve got to worry about saving our honor, and even MAKING a bowl game. 3 months ago I never thought we’d be facing this dire a situation at midseason.

Am I bailing on these guys? Hell no. In the words of the great Corey Smith, “rain or shine, I’ll be yellin’ GO DAWGS at the 20 yard line!.” But unlike most seasons, I’ll be terrified of what the outcome might be. Here’s irony for ya: we may all find ourselves asking when basketball season starts.

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