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Dawgs have a fighting chance in JAX

October 22, 2009

The new movie Where the Wild Things Are has created a lot of buzz, mostly because people like myself and most of you all remember the book that we read when we were kids. The book was only 10 sentences long, but it resounded with all of us, because we all know what it’s like to imagine an alternate reality when things are tough.

What in the hell does that have to do with the title of this? Well,  it’s been a tough year for Georgia fans, and although he sure isn’t one of ours, I think Mark Bradley may be wearing a wolf-suit and living in a dream-world of his own, as he has suggested that Georgia might actually have a shot at beating the Gators on Halloween. Well, it is Halloween, right? In Bradley’s make-believe-world:

Georgia has the mighty Gators where they want them.

I know, I know. It sounds like the dumbest line I’ve ever written, which would make it the dumbest line in the history of lines. But the Bulldogs will play in Jacksonville on Halloween with nobody expecting them to do anything but lose by six touchdowns, and that’s not a bad way to approach such an opponent.

Bradley’s article is full of what most folks would call blind optimism (which is just the kind I like) but he does make somewhat of a supporting case. If nothing else, the Dawgs seem to believe that they have a shot at winning this game. As AJ Green puts it: “We having nothing to lose. We know we have a chance. We’re going to go down there and play hard and play fast and play physical.” Well, when AJ Green is on your side, it isn’t impossible… I guess. But it’s going to take a LOT of heart. And our fearless borderline-mediocre leader understands that.

Passion. We need to get a couple of big plays as a spark and then keep it going.

It’s not like he’s hit on something brilliant though. Any red and black faithful could have told you that without being a fly on the locker room wall. But the question is: where was the spark in Knoxville?

You know what though, as I said before, it IS Halloween. So why shouldn’t we all put on wolf-suits of our own? Let’s all imagine a world in which Georgia isn’t 4-3, in which UF won’t be favored by three touchdowns, and in which we’re going to go down to Jacksonville and lay a world of hurt on St. Timothy. And who knows? Maybe the guys in red and black will dress up as a winning football team.

Max was a big Dawgs fan.

Max was a big Dawgs fan.

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