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Three gifts that Santa brought Dawg nation this year

December 26, 2009

Yeah, I totally fell off the map after the cocktail party. What can I say? The shame was so great, I didn’t know what to say. Everyone else was saying it for me. But the Christmas season has brought cheer back into my heart, and this is why:

1. Willie Martinez was fired – Far be it from me to celebrate that a man who gave his heart to our program lost his job, but it meant more to me than that. It meant that coach Richt was dedicated to bringing us back where we belong, and that the nightmare of the past 2 years may be over.

2. Tennessee put itself in the NCAA’s crosshairs – with hostessgate, the saga we’ve all been following of UT sluts batting their eyelashes and rubbing their breasts on recruits to try to seduce them… UT has put itself on thin ice, and with the weight of Lane Kiffin’s ego continuing to grow, it won’t be long before the ice breaks and the Volunteers fall into the icy waters of probation.

You know how the last gift you unwrap is always the best? Dawg nation’s Christmas was no different:

3. The Florida dynasty has fallen – Tebow, Spikes, Cooper, James, all the seniors and key Juniors were already leaving, WR coach Billy Gonzalez left for LSU, their DC Charlie Strong took the HC job at Louisville… and that was reason enough to celebrate… and now THIS. Urban Meyer has resigned as the head coach of the Florida Gators. (disclaimer: I am not celebrating Urban Meyer’s alleged health issues. As much as I despise him, I don’t wish ill on anyone. I am however celebrating in Gator nation’s state of anarchy).

However this cause for celebration comes with a caveat: there is now a lot more pressure on the Dawgs to win the cocktail party next year then there has been in awhile. Because if you can’t beat the Gators next year, without Tebow, without Meyer, without that stellar defense…. well then I don’t know how we’re ever going to get over that Florida hump. But make no mistake about it, the SEC East and the SECCG is going to be there for the taking next season, and the Dawgs have the talent in place to take it. But, a lot will depend on the defensive hires. More on that to come.

For now, raise a glass and toast to the end of the evil empire.

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