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Pandemonium on Rocky Top

January 13, 2010

This report in from the local NBC affiliate in Knoxville –

Hundreds of students have now gathered on Johnny Majors Boulevard and are blocking the road, apparently with the goal of keeping departing Coach Lane Kiffin from leaving the lot. There are signs that order is breaking down–someone has apparently brought a mattress down and lit it on fire. Police and firefighters are on scene in an effort to calm the situation. The mattress has been extinguished. Students are still out on the street, waving signs and chanting things we won’t re-print. A large crowd has gathered at Neyland Stadium as well. Some in the crowd are scaling the fence in an effort to get in; no one has yet entered the stadium.

// According to eyewitness reports through twitter, riot police were called out and tear gas has been used.

And, God bless youtube, there are already videos popping up. UT students appear to have the athletic dept. building surrounded.

A lot of good Lane Kiffin is going to do USC if he arrives in a body bag.

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