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And they say GEORGIA has conditioning issues???

January 25, 2010

It seems like every time I hear a rumor about how Georgia’s strength and conditioning is lagging behind, it’s either coming from Bama fans or someone using Alabama fans as a reference for how S&C should be run.

If that’s true, then can someone explain to me why Terrance Cody showed up at the Senior Bowl, weighing in at a super-flabby 374 lbs? And that isn’t good.

Mount Fatty...err...Cody

“It hurts,” NFL network draft analyst Mike Mayock said of Cody’s weigh-in. “And it a wasn’t clean 370.”

This is a recurring theme with Alabama linemen, it seems. Remember that last year, Andre Smith showed up sporting his fat-ass  costume at the NFL Combine (and he only weighed 332), and was so unprepared that he left the combine early. At the Alabama Pro-day, he had dropped some weight but was still considered overweight, and slow.  He might have been the 1st OT taken off the board (as high as 1st or 2nd overall) had he shown up looking fit, and he was expected to drop much further than he actually did (6th to the Cincinnati Bengals).

I can’t imagine that Cody, at a robust 374 and looking like THAT, is going to impress many scouts.

Next time an Alabama fan tries to tell you how their S&C program is way better than ours, remind them of Mount Cody’s enormous breasts and silver-dollar-nips.

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  1. Brandon permalink
    January 26, 2010 7:33 am

    UGA has had defense issues, hopefully those are about to start getting solved.

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