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Shorter CPJ: “Sure, I cheated at Monopoly. Who hasn’t?!”

July 19, 2011

Paul Johnson is insulted at the insinuation that he would cheat. He’d never cheat.

At least, not as a coach.

“I’m sure I cheated in board games,” the Georgia Tech coach said. “And when I played, yeah, you’d do stuff. Move the ball forward. Move it back. Kick it. Maybe grab a guy where you’re not supposed to. But heck, everybody does that.”

Count me as one that has never grabbed a guy “where you’re not supposed to.” But hell, I’m old fashioned. I never realized ol’ Fish Fry was that, er,  progressive.

Ideally the rest of the presser would have played out like this –

Reporter: “Coach, what if the NCAA gets in your face and won’t stop?”

CPJ: “Punch them in the nose.”

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  1. BuLLdawg permalink
    July 20, 2011 2:09 am

    I know this, if Georgia tek appeals The NCAA ruling, look for Paul Johnson to have to show cause. Dan Radokovich will also have to show cause. And, I think the games after November 11 and prior to November 24 will also be vacated, if they appeal. Look for no appeal. The reason ? Because Paul Johnson cheated, and he knew that. He should have told Drad that Drad cannot tell Paul. That’s cheating, and Paul Johnson knows it – just as plainly as the busted nose on his own face from the NCAA 4 years football probation caused when Paul Johnson tried to cover-up the minor infraction that would have cost at most 2 players at most a game or 2. They lost them all anyway, except the CHUMPionship game after Georgia beat Georgia tek nerds and after South Carolina beat Climpson farmers.

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