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And they say GEORGIA has conditioning issues???

January 25, 2010

It seems like every time I hear a rumor about how Georgia’s strength and conditioning is lagging behind, it’s either coming from Bama fans or someone using Alabama fans as a reference for how S&C should be run.

If that’s true, then can someone explain to me why Terrance Cody showed up at the Senior Bowl, weighing in at a super-flabby 374 lbs? And that isn’t good.

Mount Fatty...err...Cody

“It hurts,” NFL network draft analyst Mike Mayock said of Cody’s weigh-in. “And it a wasn’t clean 370.”

This is a recurring theme with Alabama linemen, it seems. Remember that last year, Andre Smith showed up sporting his fat-ass  costume at the NFL Combine (and he only weighed 332), and was so unprepared that he left the combine early. At the Alabama Pro-day, he had dropped some weight but was still considered overweight, and slow.  He might have been the 1st OT taken off the board (as high as 1st or 2nd overall) had he shown up looking fit, and he was expected to drop much further than he actually did (6th to the Cincinnati Bengals).

I can’t imagine that Cody, at a robust 374 and looking like THAT, is going to impress many scouts.

Next time an Alabama fan tries to tell you how their S&C program is way better than ours, remind them of Mount Cody’s enormous breasts and silver-dollar-nips.


Monday morning cup of joe

January 25, 2010

Hot, freshly brewed links for your perusal as you warm up to the idea of getting to work this morning.

If you missed the action at Stegeman on Saturday, this is a pretty good highlight reel of what you missed.

David Hale offers his always-insightful post-game thoughts. Someone should tell him though, that I spent the entire month of November swimming in a vat of bourbon (it was a bad month for UGA football) and even I wouldn’t have told him that UGA would be leading UT by 25 at one point during the game on Saturday.

It wasn’t just a good week for men’s basketball; UGA swept the Vols in 4 sports last week, as Bernie is happy to recap in vivid color.

Color Jeff Schultz impressed with Mark Fox and UGA in year 1 of the new regime.

Georgia fans can breathe easy for now, Calhoun WR Da’Rick Rogers is still committed to UGA after a visit to Knoxville… but keep an eye on him.

Todd Grantham has been a busy man this past week, and he’s already making good impressions.

In case you haven’t seen it already (and the counter indicates that 14,000 of you already have), you have to see this vid of Mark Richt displaying his multi-sport skills.

My friend (who I shall herein refer to as “Chad the filthy Cajun”) sent me this link to a video of Saints fans partying in the parking lot of a New Orleans Academy sports store after the big win over the Vikes in the big easy, supposedly to buy NFC championship shirts. It is my belief that they were actually looting the store.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Coming to Athens Fall 2010: Rambo and the Hitman.

January 25, 2010

David Hale has a great article on Jakar Hamilton and how quickly he’s gotten to work since transferring to UGA from Georgia Military College this Spring. Sounds like Hamilton is really physically talented and driven to excel (he has already earned the nickname “Hitman”), which is promising enough, but the following quote gave me the warm and fuzzies.

Every day in the weight room, Hamilton and Rambo discuss who the best safety duo in the SEC might be. The conversation continues long after they leave the gym.

Right now, it’s a question that’s up for debate. By the end of the 2010 season, however, Hamilton said he doesn’t want there to be any doubters. He said it will be the duo at Georgia — Rambo and the “Hit Man.”

Between Grantham talking like a badass and our safeties talking about being the best in the SEC, I really, really, really like the attitude our defense is taking on this Spring. And “Rambo and the Hitman” is possibly the coolest name ever conceived for a safety duo. Wait, not possibly…. certainly.

Dawgs dismantle #8 Vols in front of sold-out crowd

January 24, 2010
Travis Leslie, Trey Thompkins and co. put on a show in Stegeman coliseum tonight as Georgia came out of the gate with their hair on fire and got their first real signature win under coach Mark Fox. A sell-out crowd was present as the Dawgs finally got what had escaped them 3 times in their past 3 games, an SEC win (and their 2nd win over a ranked opponent this season).

And man did they look good doing it. The Dawgs ended up winning by 15, but led by as much as 21 and held the lead the entire game, never letting Tennessee getting closer than ~10 points. UGA shot 56.3% on FG’s, were 3-5 on 3 pointers and outplayed UT on the glass, 35-24.

Before you think “Tennessee just didn’t show up,” consider the following quotes:

I thought we played hard. This wasn’t that we weren’t handling success. We didn’t get beat because we came in here overconfident and didn’t respect the opponent. We got beat by a better team today. It was clear.” – Bruce Pearl

We got smashed, we got beat horribly on the rebounds. …It was just the fact that it felt like they wanted it more.” – Kenny Hall

You know you’re going to lose a game on the road in the SEC. There won’t be a lot of people who win [in Athens]. I’m certain of that.” – Bruce Pearl

I’m beginning to be more certain of that, also. With every game, Mark Fox looks more and more like an outstanding hire. And the fans! The fans showed up! We need that, people. We need you there for home games. On a night like tonight, the crowd factors in to the momentum as much as anything else, and our crowd was rocking the whole night. I heard someone compare it to games back in the Harrick days. Tonight gave you a glimpse of what UGA basketball can be.

Georgia next faces off against Florida at the O’Connell center on Wednesday night.

A dawg gone sell-out

January 23, 2010

Well I went down to stegeman to see the dogs take on the vols, only to find out that my usual routine of buying tickets at the window wouldn’t work, because the game was sold out.
On the positive side, it’s good to see the fans getting out for this game, but I am a bit bummed that I’m now watching this game from a bar downtown. Oh well, I’ll just have to order a pitcher or three. Shucks.

UConn’s Scott Lakatos a candidate for DB coach

January 18, 2010

It has been reported that Connecticut secondary coach Scott Lakatos interviewed with UGA on Saturday. Todd Grantham and Mark Richt are still working to fill out the defensive staff, and Lakatos looks to be one potential assistant they’re looking at.

Quick bio on him if you’re interested –

Basically he’s a legit yankee. He’s spent his coaching career in the Northeast (beginning in 1988), serving as a secondary coach for the majority  of the time, but he’s also coached linebackers, special teams and served as a defensive coordinator twice (New Haven and Maine). His stops include Western Connecticut, Boston University, Syracuse, New Haven, Maine, Rutgers and Connecticut. The pass D at UConn since he has been there has been pretty good. From 2003-2008, UConn has ranked 35th, 20th, 4th, 28th, 14th and 7th in pass defense. In 2009, it ranked 85th in pass D, but the Huskies did lose 4 starters on defense to the NFL, and that program isn’t exactly stocked with talent waiting in the wings. Lakatos can be credited with coaching up Darius Butler from a 2-star rated recruit to the 41st overall selection in the 09′ NFL Draft (Patriots).

Maybe he could help bring in some more of that Knowshon Moreno yankee-talent. I just have one condition for his acceptance to our great Southern institution, if it turns out CTG and CMR want to bring him here. He must renounce the New York Yankees, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman and…. Pepsi.

UPDATE: It’s official, Lakatos has been hired.

Headlines tomorrow: Refs screw Georgia out of 1st SEC win

January 16, 2010

That’s what it should read anyway. MSU survives at home against UGA, 72-69, and it would have been different had MSU’s big shot blocker Vernado been called multiple times for mauling our players. Apparently being the 3rd all-time leading shot blocker earns you a free pass.

Seriously steamed over here right now.